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Audio Visual Services

What we can offer you

"hang my telly" specialise in the custom installation of audio visual sytems. We work in the residential and commercial sectors. We are a "one stop shop" so we can maintain very high standards and you do not need to call in a succession of different tradesmen

Installation services at your home

These days your home entertainment system is at the hub of your home, you no longer need to have your sky box and video recorder placed under your huge old television projecting miles into your room. You can have your TV flush mounted to the wall and connected seamlessly to your surround sound speakers with your DVD player, sky box and audio equipment discretely hidden away out of sight. Watching your favourite movie, sporting highlights or listening to your favourite playlist on spotify is all possible in any room in your house. Just tell us what you want and we will make it happen.
Below and to the right are pictures of PMC's wafer2 speakers, apart from sounding fantastic , they are incredibly versatile as they can be mounted on the wall or flush mounted and can also be mounted in the ceiling and designed to give the same responce whether horizontal or vertical. Add the PMC sub and you have a discreet very high quality surround sound system to complement any home cinema.

PMC wafer speakers
PMC wafer2 with printed images on grilles

Some of the services we offer our residential clients

The versatile PMC wafer speaker - flush mounted
PMC wafer2 in-wall speakers one showing driver arrangement

Commercial installation services

We provide installation services to schools, offices, retail outlets, places of Worship, pubs and clubs. We can install and provide custom solutions wherever they are required. To the right is a brief list of some of the services we offer, please contact us if you need any further information.

You may also find the answers to any questions you have in ourFrequently asked questionsarea.